Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Blimey! Where's my time?

My last week was terrible. I had a presentation at university (well, actually, the presentation was good) but because of it my whole time schedule was in disorder and I nearly had no time to relax. This is why nice things (like blogging ;-)) totally fell away...Furthermore, there are two applications which I must hand in in a couple of days and I haven't collected all forms yet =(. Life's so busy again and I dunno what to do against it. I really wish it was December already.

Nevertheless, I'm going to visit your latest posts now! =)

(Old shot of mine from summer)


  1. Was für ein wunderschöner Falter! Ich glaub, der will raus... machmal möchte man einfach nur raus... DURCHHALTEN ;-)

  2. wow, ein tolles bild!

    ich hab bisher nur das standardobjektiv von der d40 und mache alle meine fotos damit.