Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Freak Weather

Today, we really had freak weather. Well, the day started really fine, we were enjoying sunshine & warmth. But in the afternoon, conditions changed. The clouds got darker and darker. I was still at university at that time and me and my fellow students got afraid of getting wet. When our course was over, we directly headed to our bikes, but.....well, after 50 metres or so, the rain began to fall. But rain is the wrong word. > The storm attacked us. There were branches torn off from the trees and the wind nearly pulled me down. The wind and rain was so strong that it became impossible to keep my eyes open. I headed to a petrol station a few metres away (like some fellow students did.) The filling station attendant really was nice. He even opened the car wash for us to offer us a place of refuge :) .Even the car drivers decided to take a break because the wind & rain was so strong. Although we all got wet, we laughed because the situation was so strange to wait in the car wash. Yeah, freak weather.
( I am really sorry for my language style. Sounds like a young pupil wrote it. But I am already tired and should go to bed now). Good Night.

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