Sonntag, 16. August 2009

The Nice Harz Mountains...

Okay, just some impressions of my activity holiday in the Harz mountains last week. It was a trip to learn something about Experimental Education - like this adventure / outdoor stuff. It was lots of fun but also challenging because you definitely needed some courage to do all the different activities. I think such a activity holiday really is the best choice for class trips because you really learn what it means to be a group and to be responsible. I mean, class trips are organized to strengthen the class spirit (right?) and this is why tourist-like trips just won't do as these trips only focus on the individual. I hope it is more or less comprehensible what I'd like to express. Any similar experiences?

Pictures of my camping trip might follow. But atm I am quite stressed because the dead lines of my term papers move closer and closer and I don't feel like restarting after my holidays..boohoo =(

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  1. it looks like so much fun! lovely blog btw ♥


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